Fender Anniversary Stratocasters from 1979

The 25th Anniversary Stratocaster is the first Fender guitar to bear an official 'Anniversary' designation.

In 1979 the first Fender Anniversary Strat was released to commemorate the launch of the iconic Stratocaster model which debuted in 1954.

Since '79 Fender has produced a wide range of anniversary models in the factory and the Custom Shop.

While some Anniversary Stratocasters such as the Playboy and Harley-Davidson models from the 1990s are well-known, many have slipped below the radar until now!

- Gary Davies

1979 25th anniversary Stratocaster, the first anniversary model guitar to be produced by Fender

The 1979 25th Anniversary Stratocaster is a factory built guitar and the number produced and the paint issues that were encountered are well documented. However, as you will see the story of this model and those who built and played these guitars is a detailed and fascinating one!

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1994 40th Anniversary Diamond Dealer Stratocaster

Some Anniversary models are limited edition versions and relatively rare, such as this Custom Shop Diamond Dealer model from 1994. Only 150 were produced and they were numbered on the back of the headstock.

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1994 40th Anniversary Diamond Dealer Stratocaster with gold plated engraved pickguard

This limited edition Custom Shop Diamond Dealer model from 1994 features a gold plated hand engraved pickguard designed by Pamelina H.

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Mark Kendrick and his 30th Anniversary Founders Design Stratocaster

Mark Kendrick and his Founders Design 30th Anniversary Stratocaster, courtesy of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Photographer: Henry Diltz

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