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The Guitars

The ANNIVERSARY STRAT book is almost sold out now and there are less than 100 copies of the original 1,954 books remaining. So for those who may miss out on a copy, here is very brief taster of what is covered in the 20 chapters that form Part 1 of my ANNIVERSARY STRAT book (A4 size large format, 340 pages, 174 photographs). Of course a lot more detailed information and images can be found in the actual bookBy the way, there are 25 additional chapters about the Fender people who design and build the guitars in Part 2 of the book.


Best wishes and rock on!

Gary Davies

Author & Publisher of ANNIVERSARY STRAT

July 2022

For more information about the author (me) click HERE to visit my personal website.

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

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