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Books Have Been Selling All Around The World

Updated: May 20, 2022

Well it's amazing for me to think that ANNIVERSARY STRAT was published just over two years ago, and I'm delighted to report that every single review of my book has been simply wonderful.

Author Gary Davies and Principal Master Builder Yuriy Shishkov in Yuriy's cubicle at the Fender Custom Shop in Corona California in 2020
Author Gary Davies and Principal Master Builder Yuriy Shishkov in Yuriy's cubicle at the Fender Custom Shop

As the title of this article indicates, the ANNIVERSARY STRAT books have been selling well. So if you haven't managed to get hold of an individually signed and numbered copy yet, please get in quick and order one from the "Buy A Book Page" on this website before they all go, as there will not be a re-print.

Sincere thanks to all the readers in thirty different countries all over the world who have bought my book. Thanks also of course to all the folks who allowed me to interview them, and to everyone who sent me photos for the book and contributed in various other ways.

My wife and I managed to get back over across the pond to see all the Fender folks again in January 2020 at the NAMM Show. It was great to be able to thank them personally for participating in the project, and I got as many master builders as I could to sign my copy of ANNIVERSARY STRAT (that's book 0001 OF 1954 of course). :-) We spent four full days at the show meeting the past and present Fender Custom Shop master builders and pickup winders again (a few for the first time). We also spent some quality time with some of them, especially Yuriy Shishkov and Michael Stevens.

Principal Master Builder Yuriy and I have become good friends since we first communicated around seven years ago. We share an interest in guitars (of course!) and photography, and despite the huge distance across land and sea between us, we manage to chat regularly thanks to technology. The photo above was taken by my wife in January 2020, when Yuriy spent a lot of time sharing exactly how he crafted the components on his stunning Coronation Stratocaster, which took pride of place in the Fender booth at the NAMM Show.

Well, I'm sorry there has been quite a gap since the last post, and if you want any updates or any further information just get in touch with me via the Contact Form and I'll be glad to respond. If you do want to know what I have been doing (apart from packing and shipping books all over the world) take a look at and

Many thanks for looking and best wishes,


Gary Davies Author of ANNIVERSARY STRAT

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