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  • Gary Davies

The perfect Christmas gift for a guitarist

As it's now just a month or so until Christmas, I thought it would be a good idea to mention that the ANNIVERSARY STRAT book is the ideal Christmas gift for the guitarist in your life.

While the book focuses on Fender Stratocaster guitars and the talented master builders at the Fender Custom Shop, folks who don't play the guitar and have not in the past been interested in musical instruments and their creation, have also found the stories and information in ANNIVERSARY STRAT to be extremely interesting and highly enlightening. So people who don't play the guitar are still likely to enjoy the read and the photographs.

As the writer and publisher, I am the only person who sells the book. So if you want to acquire a copy you will need to order one from me - see the BUY A BOOK page.

Best wishes and have a Merry Christmas!

Gary Davies

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