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Anniversary Strat the book by Gary Davies on Fender Commemorative Stratocaster electric guitars is shipping worldwide

I'm delighted to report that ANNIVERSARY STRAT is out and based on what everyone is saying, including these legendary guitar builders, it was well worth the wait.

“The meticulous collection of details is truly amazing . . . Gary has pulled off a fantastic project that I think will soon stand beside the other great books about this company called Fender.”


Owner of Stevens Electrical Instruments and co-founder of the Fender Custom Shop

“The most comprehensive and detailed book on the history of the Anniversary Stratocaster, the elite Fender Custom Shop guitars, and the builders.”


Principal master builder at the Fender Custom Shop

I can't thank these cool, talented, and generous guys enough for their kind words. This detailed collection of fascinating guitar and people stories is A4 size with 340 pages and 174 photographs. Details of how you can acquire one of the 1,954 books in the limited run First Edition that was published in April 2019 are in the Buy a Book section. Pricing and the worldwide postal/shipping charges are also covered on the Buy a Book page. Each book is signed by the author and numbered in the style of 0001 OF 1954, and it's the perfect addition to any library. Best wishes and rock on!


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