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ANNIVERSARY STRAT was published a year ago yesterday April 23. Since then it has gone to 28 countries and been highly acclaimed by Fender workers, guitar nuts, and even folks who knew nothing about guitars or weren’t interested in them before they acquired the book. So thanks to everyone who participated in the project, and to those who purchased one or more copies.

For anyone who wants to knowmore about the 340-page large format 174 photo book, only Part 1 (20 chapters) focuses on the stories of the most interesting anniversary model guitars. Part 2 (25 chapters/mini biographies) is all about the talented people who design and create the masterpieces; it shares the individual stories of the past and present Fender Custom Shop master guitar builders and showcases their work. See

As the stock of 1,954 limited edition books has been reduced considerably during the year, I am considering extending and updating Part 2 of the book (the people stories) as a stand-alone publication (minus the Anniversary Strat content). If that project goes ahead the title of the new book will probably be “Masters and Artisans.” More information about “Masters and Artisans” can be found at the website.

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